Media Placement Specialist

Advertisers need someone with the inside knowledge & the ability to guide them beyond the common pitfalls of placement & production. My goal with this company is to show every client the LOVE. Using my knowledge of exactly what's best for your advertising budget. I started Local Love Broadcasting after working with the top media companies in the United States. While working with these companies, I learned the inside tricks to maximizing station and media profits. I AM HERE TO MAKE SURE YOUR MONEY IS SPENT CORRECTLY!

Delivering your message:

You've managed to perfect your brand, now what? Pushing your brand to market requires the right strategy. Local Love Broadcasting can help you determine which marketing channels are going to give your business the widest reach and the best return on investment.

Defining your audience:

If you consider your target market to be 'everyone', chances are you don't really know who you're selling to. Through market research and analysis, local love broadcasting can help narrow down your target audience and determine the best ways to reach them.

Develop your message:

Creating a brand message that speaks to your target audience is an integral part of marketing your business. Through thoughtful and strategic creative, local love broadcasting can help you develop the right message - one that will make the most impact with your customers.

Meet our producer

Geoff Gundy has been a commercial voice, copywriter, and producer since 2000, and has headed up radio production departments over several station clusters. Today, he owns Geoff Gundy Voiceovers, where he offers voice acting for commercials, a documentaries, internet releases, product demonstrations, corporate pieces for use internally or with clients, and phone messaging. He prides himself on connecting with the listener and making the world a better place through the products he creates through Local Love Broadcasting Team!