Local Love Broadcasting's mission is to spread community awareness messages along with an impactful message about your company. We have partnerships with your top local radio stations and handle the entire broadcast from beginning to end. Each broadcast is custom tailored for every sponsorship. We pride ourselves on giving local businesses the opportunity to support their community & also promote their business. We work with companies locally and across the United States, providing an impactful message delivered by the business owners in each community.

Blood Donation Broadcast

With blood at an all-time low nationally it is important to donate blood only if you can and are willing. Our blood donation broadcast will reach hundreds and thousands of listeners locally and nationally.
Safe Driving Radio Broadcast
With alcohol related accidents and texting and driving accidents on the rise we hope our custom messages can save some lives. This is an important Broadcast we air all year long. A safer road equals a safer community.

Breast Cancer Awareness Broadcast
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 1 out of 8 women sadly fall victim to this disease. We urge listeners during October to schedule their annual mammogram. Early detection is key!

Pet Safety Broadcast
It's always important to make sure your pet is getting the proper treatment. Always make sure they are getting proper vaccinations, fresh water, and great care! The most important part of this broadcast is to make sure you don't leave your pet unattended or in inclement weather conditions. This broadcast can save a few furry friends!